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Join the Co-op and Enjoy Sailing the Gulf Islands on the Georgia Strait

The Van Isle Sailing Co-op has many great benefits…

Enjoy the beauty of Georgia Strait from the water…

Once you join the Co-op you’ll have several opportunities to get on the water at one of our many social sailing events…

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Access to five sailboats and experienced sailors, skippers and crew…

We have three Catalina 27’s and two Catalina 28’s that are well-built and have sturdy fiberglass hulls with deep keels making them all very safe…

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Enjoy sailing without having to own your own sailboat…

Connect with a friendly bunch of people to sail and socialize with as you gain experience..

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Want to sail the Georgia Strait?


Join the Van Isle Sailing Coop
and gain access to our fleet of Catalinas

We have three Catalina 27′s and two Catalina 28’s that are well-built and have sturdy fiberglass hulls with deep keels making them all very safe.

Members enjoy sailing the Gulf Islands

With a sailing season that extends into 12 months of the year and some of the best weather in Canada, the Gulf Islands are a prime location for sailing. Learn more about the membership details of the Van. Isle Sailing Coop.


Meet Others Who Love Sailing

Get involved with our organized sailing events and social activities on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as on weekends to enjoy the sport of sailing and to socialize with other members of the Co-op.

Tuesdays & Thursdays

Get involved with our evening sailing groups to gain experience and socialize with other Co-op Members.

Social Pub Nights

We host monthly pub nights to bring Co-op Members together to share stories and get to know each other.

Weekend Group Sailing

Co-op cruises are always social events. At the end of each day’s sailing, the crews mingle and enjoy a meal and refreshments together.


Some Members Share their Thoughts

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what some of our members are saying…

Instead of owning a boat and never getting to use it, now I spend my time out on the water with good friends, enjoying our beautiful coast. The comraderie I have found and the wealth of experience shared by fellow members has improved my skills and confidence. Thank you VISC!!!


Club Member

There so many benefits to the Van Isle Sailing Co-op… 

1. Go sailing without having to own your own sailboat,

2. Your annual fee covers all costs of ongoing moorage, insurance and maintenance, 

3. If you are new to sailing you can practice with experienced sailors!


Club Member

It’s great to have enough people in the Co-op to help look after and take care of the sailboats to keep them all in great condition! This makes sailing so much easier than if I had to take care of my own sailboat! Plus the ability to learn from experienced sailors throughout the year is invaluable!”


Club Member


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Affordable Sailing for Singles & Families

For membership information please call Ron Billings at 778-700-4302