next Monthly GENERAL MEETING - Oct 3rd at 7:00 pm at the Kin Hut Departure Bay
Tel: 250- 668-6387

FAQs and Links


How does one become a member of the Co-op?
Download and print membership application form on the web site. Fill it out, then call or email the Membership Director and arrange to meet. He can take your application and fees
Phone 250 668-6387    
As a member of the Sailing Co-op, what duties might I be given? 
New members may join a "Boat Crew" or volunteer for any number of positions and jobs in the Co-op.  Single members contribute a minimum of 20 hours of sweat equity per year. Families contribute a minimum of 25 hours.
When and where are the general membership meetings?
Meetings are held the first Thursday of every month at the Kin Hut (Departure Bay), 7 pm. Members of the public are welcome.
Does the Co-op accept members from areas outside of Nanaimo?
The Van Isle Sailing Co-op caters to residents of the Regional District of Nanaimo, however the Co-op will consider members from other areas of the Island if practical.
What does it cost and what do fees pay for?
It costs $400 to buy into the co-op, and annual fees are $495 for a Single Membership and $595 for Family Membership. You are allowed 300 hours sailing per year for a single and 400 hours for a family.  
The Co-op pays all the boats' expenses including moorage and maintenance, and some funds are used to operate the Co-op. As a member you have access to the  budget and a say in how the money is spent.
Boat maintenance - who does it?  
The members do the maintenance. Some have the expertise in fiberglass, electrical, outboards, rigging, woodworking, and sail maintenance. If you don't know much about these topics, it's a great opportunity to learn - all help is welcome. Like most members, you'll find cleaning and maintaining the boats is part of the fun. Currently, as part of membership, each member is required to contribute some labour helping out, which is referred to as "Sweat Equity"





No boat? No Problem. Join the Van Isle Sailing Co-op and sail on a 28' or any of 3 27' Catalina's.