Nanaimo, BC


Affordable Sailing for Singles and Families

Four fully-featured Catalinas

Each boat features two or three sails, a motor, a galley, a head and berths for sleeping.

Sturdy and safe 27 and 28 foot sailboats

Well-built and sturdy fiberglass hulls with  deep keels make our 3 Catalina 27’s and our Catalina 28 very safe.  They are older boats (late 70’s, early 80’s and early 90’s) but are well maintained by our members.   

Most of the boats’ equipment such as electronics, motors, electrical systems, sails and rigging are new or near new.

Regular replacement and upgrades of equipment is done by members on an ongoing basis.

Of course all Co-op boats carry all the necessary safety equipment.

Communications and Navigation

Each boat has a high quality marine radio, depth sounder and chartplotter, plus paper charts.

Boat Maintenance

On the maintenance side, we have a Fleet Director responsible for the coordination of maintenance of our entire fleet. There is also a captain for each boat and specialty crew leaders for the more technical aspects such as electrical, plumbing, motors, sails, etc.  Each boat captain is happy to encourage all members to assist in maintenance. That way everyone gets to learn about the boats we sail – and frankly, helping out feels good and gives you that pride of ownership feeling. And it spreads the work around.