Nanaimo, BC

Social Activities

Affordable Sailing for Singles and Families

Co-op organized sailing on Tuesday and Thursday evenings as well as on either Saturdays or Sundays is a fine way to enjoy the sport and to socialize with members.   

Co-op cruises are always social events. At the end of each day’s sailing, the crews mingle and enjoy a meal and refreshments together, and tell tales of the experiences of the day.

Our monthly meetings provide an opportunity for members old and new to get to know each other better and to socialize in a relaxed atmosphere.

We have an annual picnic in July, an annual Barbeque in August, Pub Nites each month except the summer months and a Christmas Party in December.    

We also have work parties to help maintain the boats and this is another opportunity to get to know members and have some fun while keeping the boats in good shape.